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Introduction to Croytape: Adhesive, Non-Adhesive & Woven tapes

The Croytape brand covers a wide range of adhesive, non-adhesive and woven tapes. The adhesive tapes are available with three different adhesive systems:

-    Runner Thermosetting
-    Acrylic Bases
-    Silicone Bases

The adhesive tapes are available in a number of different tack strengths. All substrates are available in a number of thicknesses and, in many cases, a variety of colours. Substrates available include paper, cotton, polyester, glass, Nomex® and Kapton®.

The woven and non-adhesive range offers their own unique properties and has a wide variety of applications. The materials include traditional natural products such as cottons and papers, together with modern polymeric materials and electric grade class.

Using our processing and conversion facilities, most tapes can be offered as converted piece parts such as washers, masking dots and quick release pads. The process also allows for the majority of tapes to be slit to any width required.

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