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Ecolek Sleeving



There has been general movement away from PVC materials in several industries due to problems with halogens, particularly in a fire hazard situation. This pressure has led to the development of Ecolek sleeving, which is a low smoke and fume, zero halogen, PVC replacement material. It is a thermoplastic that is both halogen-free and fire retardant but in many other aspects displays similar properties as PVC, has a similar look and feel, and can be used in the same applications.


• Wire harnessing
• Electrical insulation
• Flexible conduit
• General protection


• Specific gravity: 1.58 g/cc
• Thermal Class: A
• Insulation resistance: 6 x 1013 Ω/cm
• Tensile Strength: 5N/mm2
• Elongation at break: 134%
• Oxygen index: 40%


• Flexible
• UV resistant
• Good chemical resistance
• Zero halogen


Available in most sizes and colours


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