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Soflex Cable



This cable has superior flexibility and uses a special PVC insulation in order to allow it to withstand high curing temperatures beyond its normal operating temperature.


  • Motor lead-out wires
  • Transformer winding
  • Reactance coils
  • Relay coils
  • Lead wires
  • Properties  

  • Operating Temperature: - 30˚C to +105˚C
  • Thermal Class: A
  • Can withstand 135˚C for 12 hours and 160˚C for 6 hours
  • Voltage Rating: 300/500V for sizes up to and including 1 mm2 and 600/1000V for sizes above 1 mm2
  • Characteristics  

  • Very flexible
  • Impregnation resistant
  • Short term high temperature resistance
  • Availability  

    In all colours from sizes 0.22mm2 to 150mm2, and in solid core and multi-core versions.


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