The ‘Croysleeve’ range offers high quality industry approved cable sleeving in both extruded and braided formats covering a wide temperature and dielectric range as well as offering both insulation and abrasion protection. 

Extruded Sleeving
Our range of Extruded Sleeving is available in various materials such as PVC, PTFE, Silicone, Neoprene and heat shrinkable Polyolefin. We offer a large number of bore diameters and wall thicknesses in a variety of colours.

Our range of Braided Sleeves have been produced in a humidity-controlled environment and are sintered to eliminate barbs giving superior performance. The use of various braiding techniques means we can offer braided sleeves in standard, anti-fray, non-fray knit braid and expandable versions offering excellent strength and durability. Market leading fire performance is represented here as well as wrap around sleeving and hi dielectric strength.

Other sleeving products are also available – please contact us if the one you want isn’t featured here.

Please note: Care should be taken to minimise dust formation during handling and cutting glass based braided sleeve materials as dust or broken particles may cause skin irritation.

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Showing 1 Product
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